Color Combination for Your Inspiration Home Design

Simple minimalist home is now increasingly popular in the community. There are so many benefits to building a minimalist residence. simple minimalist house construction requires lower funding compared to luxury residences.
Minimalist home design is inspired by Zen, who thinks that the less furniture that is owned in the house, the calmer a person’s life. Therefore, the concept of a minimalist home design can be realized by using minimal colors and furniture in the house. However, so as not to seem plain and out of date, modern home design concepts are added to produce a sophisticated, modern minimalist home. This minimalist home design is very simple, but it can be seen that the use of monochrome colors can make it feel more widespread.

Availability of narrow land with a minimalist house plan 1 floor. You can put some plants in the corner of the house so you can still feel ‘green’. Also use paint and buy neutral colored furniture to make it look roomy. Also avoid excessive use of furniture. Furthermore, when talking about house paint colors can no longer be separated when renovating a house. For those of you who like to color the house with a new feel in 2019 ,. Do you already know huzelnut color? This color is estimated in 2019. Classic and warm cream shades can make your room more comfortable. This color idea is very suitable to be applied for minimalist homes, because this color can reflect light well so that your room looks more spacious. Lilac Gray is a combination of gray and lilac colors. This color style can give a warm and cheerful feel. This color can be your inspiration for your room with a new and fresh feel.

The dark green color which is identical to the forest color is expected to become a trend in 2019. The dark green color has a natural impression and gives the impression of calm. You can use this color idea as an accent on the wall of your home. However, if you want to apply a dark green color in your room, it is better applied in a room that has high light intensity and width. For those of you who like pastel colors, this color is predicted to be a trend this year. If you have a minimalist home theme, this color is suitable for a minimalist home. In addition to a refreshing color style, this color can give an airy impression and sweeten your room. In addition, there is a soft clay color which is predicted to be a trend in 2019. The soft clay color can make your room look roomy so this color is suitable for your minimalist room. This color also provides a relaxed and warm atmosphere. This color is also suitable as a wall accent color or the interior color of your room.

Make special pattern from canvas for display on the wall in your room. You can use freehand sketches, cardboard template, or something more artistic as in the picture below. Let your artistic talent speak. In addition to making the room look more spacious, a mirror has many functions in the room. Mirror is also a low-cost interior design solution and its flexibility allows the mirror to be used in almost any room. With a beautiful frame, the mirror can be a beautiful work of art. So, now you can see that it doesn’t cost much to create a minimalist home interior design that looks expensive. Just follow the tips and tricks above, then you can also have a charming interior design with a minimal budget.

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